bill_headshotSome say he is the maker of voices, creator of illusions. Many call him an agent for hire. Appearing around the globe, he hides in dark places, leaving only his voice behind.

Many have heard him, but they do not recognize it is him until after he has already struck.

He shoots from the larynx, and always hits his mark. He has been called a hero, villian, god, demon and many many monkeys. People wanted to call him “the man with the golden tongue”, but a gold plated tongue would sound really lousy in the field of voice work.

His name is Rogers. Bill Rogers.

A working actor since 2001, Bill has enjoyed a career that includes film, TV and stage. But he is best known for his voice work which can be heard in hundreds of hours of animation, video games, web sites, apps and talking toys. And yet, his legend is only getting started.